Content Guidelines

Every community needs it's rules, here are ours.

The guidelines set out here set out what is acceptable and not acceptable and apply to content published using Mapcident.

The following principles are the basis that publishers should follow:

  • Content should be raw and unedited, as far as possible - Mapcident is not a platform for edited, curated content.
  • Content should represent the incident as it occurred, and not be edited to introduce bias.
  • Certain content is unsuitable for public viewing, and should be marked accordingly (see Content Visibility below), this content will be restricted to approved audiences with a legitimate, non-entertainment, purpose (press, legal teams, academia, law enforcement, safety organizations).
    • Gore, graphic violence, death, sexual content and other upsetting content.
    • Content that promotes terrorism, violence, inequality, child abuse.
  • Some content is not permitted at all (see Content Visibility below)
    • Child Abuse.
    • Staged.
    • Falsified.
    • Advertisements.

Content Visibility Traffic Light System

All content, potential or already published on the service, falls into one of three categories: Red, Orange or Green. These are established to keep the platform safe for visitors by keeping unsuitable/inappropriate content away from the public, or entirely off the site:


Red for content that offers no benefit in being shared to the public or with those who may have a legitimate interest, or is illegal to process or share. This content is not welcome under any circumstances.


  • Child Abuse
  • Misleading Content
  • Spam or Advertising
  • Impersonates or misrepresents affiliation or association with any person or entity
  • Violates or infringes in any way upon the rights of others, including, but not limited to, any copyright, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other intellectual property or proprietary right of any person or entity


Orange for content that is unsuitable/inappropriate for public consumption, but will be made available where individuals/organizations may have legitimate uses for it. Members of the public will be able to see the title, description, place and time, but will not be able to view the associated video. Viewing the video will be possible for vetted audiences (members of the media, law enforcement, public safety organizations, and academia). The purpose or Orange is not to stop anyone from viewing the content, but to limit its distribution to those without a legitimate interest, as it may do harm to viewers and/or harm people depicted in the content.


  • Traffic accident showing gore of humans
  • Seeks to provide sexual gratification
  • Promotion of terrorism
  • Promotion of racism, bigotry, hatred, physical harm
  • Advocates harassment of intimidation


Green for content that does not fall into Red or Orange categories and will be available to all visitors.


  • Traffic accident where no bodies/death shown
  • Arrest
  • Act of racism, bigotry, hatred, physical harm
  • Human Rights Violations
  • Volcano eruption
  • Wildlife incident

It should be noted that any of the Green examples would become Orange or Red if they include something meeting the respective category descriptions.