A stab in the dark at what might be frequently asked, these may answer your questions. If not, feel free to contact us.

Q. What is Mapcident's business model/How does Mapcident keep the lights on? Nothing is free, right?

A. Indeed, nothing is free. But some things are free to some people. Mapcident is a for-profit business incorporated in Canada. While currently making a loss, Mapcident expects to generate income in multiple ways including:

  • Advertising placed in/at the start of media from contributors.
  • Allow original, unaltered, content to be purchased through Mapcident for use externally (think insurance companies, film makers, researchers and law firms). While proceeds will be provided to content creators, a commission will be deducted.

Q. I completed the three steps to publish, but my video is not showing on the map, where is it?

A. Check My Account, and view the status of your video. The status will show the reason, if it is marked 'published', ensure the place you are searching is the same as that of your media (open the video from My Account to see the marked location).

Q. I'm concerned about breaching the privacy of individuals in the Video/Image I want to share, is there anything I can do?

A. Right now, the Mapcident platform is not able to deal with blurring faces/removing personally identifiable information (PII) for you. But, it's in the plan, very much in the plan, it's just complex and costly, and as the first question highlights, Mapcident is currently loosing money, so this is a tough problem for us.

Q. I have an Video of a crime taking place, would this be better sent directly to law enforcement?

A. This is a tough one. Our answer is possibly, if there is a simple way of you doing that. Part of the idea that led to Mapcident being created is so that sharing only with law enforcement stops many other legitimate users knowing about the content. Putting the video on Mapcident can help people identify trends in what is happening, so even if not used directly by police, it can be useful to others. For example, regular crimes involving a certain vehicle in a particular area could be helpful, and it your video adds to this information, it may be very useful, if published on Mapcident..

Q. What is the file size/video length limit?

A. Each video file uploaded is limited to a length of 10 minutes and file size of 2 gigabytes. If you have a special case that you think warrants breaching this, feel free to contact us.